Fashion: Stars attend Pretty Green Party at London Collections

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Ever since the Swinging Sixties when mod culture was at its peak and The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who were style icons, there have been few rockstars over the years not to take an interest in their image.
London’s Carnaby Street was, and still is, at the forefront of connecting the two. While the likes of Merc have owned a store on the street since early days, Pretty Green is one of the more recent additions.
Tonight (Monday 7th January), the clothing label owned by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, drew in a number of big names from the music industry at the London Collections.
Attendees included the likes of Miles Kane, Tom Meighan from Kasabian, mod and big music fan James Buckley from The Inbetweeners, and face of Pretty Green for 2013, Jesse Wood (son of Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood).
James Buckley tweeted a photo of some of the merchandise along with the caption: “Just been checking out the Autumn/Winter 2013 range at @PrettyGreenltd. Tried to walk out with those suit jackets.”
It looks set to be a busy year for Liam Gallagher, who is set to release a new album with Beady Eye in 2013, and reacted angrily recently to suggestions by his brother Noel that an Oasis reunion could happen anytime soon.
Music in Video: ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ by The Rolling Stones
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4 Responses to Fashion: Stars attend Pretty Green Party at London Collections

  1. theblackcape says:

    pretty green is an amazing menswear brand! my boyfriends fave! and oh loving the video, the song, prob one of the best songs ever, jumpin jack flash by the stones! as soon as that first note came i was like YES! haha

  2. theblackcape says:

    need to show my boyfriend this video, he’s a proper stones fan and a pretty green fan so all in one here!

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