Top 40 Songs of 2012: Bloc Party – Kettling

#Top40Songs2012 by Sam Skilton
Bloc Party formed in 2005 in a surge of post-punk-esque indie, politics and importance. Young people took to the London four-piece; Kele Okereke the immaculate channel for honest lyrics about sex, hope, despair, and affairs. Two albums and a three year hiatus later, the world has changed. Politics have changed, music has changed, and Bloc Party have changed. ‘Kettling’ is a different direction for them musically, but these new, heavier guitar riffs are significant and symbolic. In August 2011 Britain descended into chaos with thousands of people rioting and looting in the centre of its major cities, and ‘Kettling’ harnesses the energy of the people of ‘Broken Britain’ fighting back. The lyrics (“We smash the window/Popo don’t fuck around/As their cameras take pictures of us/We just laugh/We laugh”) depict images of outnumbered police struggling to keep order, as the world watches on through the pictures of the media. “The future’s ours,” Kele bellows out over the track’s appropriate and poignant video of primary school children re-enacting the turmoil of the riots. Maybe one of them will be inspired by this song and maybe, just maybe, that will be stimulation enough to result in another generation enjoying the Bloc Party legacy one day in the future.
Released: 20 August 2012
Label: Frenchkiss
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