Top 40 Songs of 2012: Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt

#Top40Songs2012 by Sam Skilton
Trying to take on the X-Factor in a head-to-head chart battle in recent times has been similar to trying to surmount Everest. Even the most talented and experienced have struggled in the face of such adversity, which makes it all the more spectacular that an 18-year-old from the Nottingham council estates, armed only with an acoustic guitar, managed to achieve such as feat during 2012. Jake Bugg has been hailed as the saviour of rock and roll music. When ‘Lightning Bolt’ struck number 26 in the UK Singles Charts in late April, it was hardly inevitable that his debut album would beat Leona Lewis to number one a few months later, but what it did provide was the fresh start that British guitar music had been crying out for. What better could there be to do that than by replicating the shuffling riffs of skiffle, the late 1950s genre which kicked off British rock and roll in the first place. Add Bugg’s confident vocals and the track’s infectious rhythm, and you get a striking introduction to such a young, raw talent.
Released: 27 April 2012
Label: Mercury Records
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