Track Review: HARES – Your Kind of Guy

by Sam Skilton
What the heck is bubblegum grunge? Well, here’s half an explanation. Bubblegum pop originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and was a genre of upbeat pop-rock, characterised by guitars, keyboards and synthesizers. Grunge on the other hand originated in the mid-1980s, inspired by hardcore metal, heavy punk and indie rock. Put the two together and, according to their Twitter, you get HARES.
Having been impressed by their support slot for The Vaccines earlier this week, we decided to check out the Shepherd’s Bush band, and concluded that this lot are going places. Their impeccable ability to transform an audience from jaded onlookers to beaming admirers will almost certainly serve them well when it comes to summer.
With Charlatan-eqsue youthful exuberance and charm in abundance, you can imagine that it would take HARES less than half an hour to rouse even the most hung-over festival-goer – having just emerged grumpily and groggily from his or her tent – into a cider-sipping, straw-hat-flinging, ray of sunshine. ‘Your Kind of Guy’ is bubbly and melodic indie at its best, with summer written all over it.
Release Date: Unknown
Record Label: Unsigned
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