Opinion Blog: The Sun no longer represents the working class

by Sam Skilton
On Saturday, photos appeared of Jake Bugg alongside supermodel Cara Delevinge. Surprise, surprise, the home of celebrity gossip (no, not the Daily Mail this time actually, but the Sun) were straight onto the story, branding them as the latest ‘unlikely couple’.
The condescending article – which can be found here – only confirms that the newspaper, which once provided a voice for the people, is moving further and further away from its traditional working class values.
The feature is uninformed and downright disrespectful. Contrasting the pair as “posh totty” and “pop grotty”, it goes on to label the singer-songwriter as a “tracksuit and trainers” wearing “council estate music sensation”. And while it lists Delevigne’s celebrity pals as Mario Testino, Rihanna and Rita Ora, Bugg’s are simply referred to as “mates back home in Clifton”. Right… Ever heard of Noel Gallagher?
Apparently the 20-year-old supermodel was born in Belgravia, London. Bugg on the other hand is from a “council estate, Nottingham”. So grotty that it is not even worth naming, evidently.
Jake Bugg rose to fame and achieved mainstream success in 2012 as his self-titled debut LP reached number one in the UK Album Charts. Heavily influenced by classic country sounds – the likes of Donovan, Don Mclean and Johnny Cash – it explored issues such as drug use on the Clifton council estate in Nottingham.
Some of the most significant lyrics about his background are found in the song ‘Trouble Town’ (“Stuck in speed bump city/Where the only thing that’s pretty/Is the thought of getting out”), which explores his desire to escape his hometown.
In 2009, the Sun dramatically turned its back on the Labour Party after 12 years of support for the left-wing in favour of David Cameron and the Tories. In the lead up to the general election, the rag’s front page read: “After 12 long years in power, this government has lost its way. Now it’s lost the Sun’s support too”.
Murdoch had better watch some of his journalists though. On current form it won’t be long before they lose the support of the people with such mindless articles.
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