Track Review: Merchandise – Time

by Sam Skilton
Here at National Brit Rock we mainly focus on British music, but sometimes it is simply impossible to ignore bands from overseas. The latest group we have been intrigued by are called Merchandise and hail from Tampa, Florida, where it seems that there has been a mini shoe-gazing revolution.
Merchandise are a trio of post-punk echoes and crooning vocals, fronted by a Morrissey lookalike named Carson Cox. He sounds like Morrissey too. ‘Time’ is very Smiths-like in fact, and it picks up the remnants of The Jesus and Mary Chain, combines them with The Cure, and then hurls them out in video which is a burst of psychedelic neon lighting, filmed (apparently) in Cox’s bedroom. But with record labels taking note, what does it matter where the video was filmed? Merchandise could be a name to look out for during 2013.
Release Date: 10 February 2012
Record Label: Katorga Works
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