Live Review: Object Object at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Object Object at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on Saturday 26th January by Meka Beresford
Brighton-based fourpiece Object Object  are Lauro Zanin (guitar, left), Ellis Dickson (drums), Aimee Montague (vocals, centre), and Bertie Morris (bass, right)

Brighton-based fourpiece Object Object are Lauro Zanin (guitar, left), Ellis Dickson (drums), Aimee Montague (vocals, centre), and Bertie Morris (bass, right)

Take a dark road; stick a few street lamps, bars, drunken fools and a chippy on the end of it. Now combine it with the sounds of the winter sea colliding with a pebbled beach. Where are you? Brighton, of course. Why are you here? For the one and only Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, which on this particularly cold evening is host to the new self-proclaimed ‘shoegaze-indie-rock’ band, Object Object.
Consisting of front-woman Aimee Montague, guitarist Lauro Zanin, bassist Bertie Morris and drummer Ellis Dickson, the all but four month old band have strewn their sounds across their hometown Brighton and, in turn, are hitting people hard with their ability to create such distinct sounds at such a young age.
On this particular night at Sticky Mike’s, the band are posing as an opening act for the ‘Brighton Rocks’ gig hosted by Lout. Although it’s not the most glamorous of venues in terms of looks – the widespread floor, low ceilings, worn leather sofas and stage that has been built out of leftover wood, all contribute towards a somewhat serene atmosphere – the crowd roll in ready to enjoy some truly good music.
The set kicked off with their Robert Smith look-alike guitarist Lauro strolling on stage and unleashing the distorted cries of ‘Stranger’ into the room. The others took to the stage and began to have the time of their life, with bassist  Bertie jumping about and getting the crowd moving to the upbeat yet droning (in a good way, who doesn’t love a bit of drony-ness) sounds that are influenced by the likes of The Black Keys and My Bloody Valentine. The fierce passion of the band blared out throughout the entire song and they were already sweating just minutes into it.
Then disaster hit, a string snapped, the crowd stopped dead in suspense and the band fell to their knees in prayer for another string to appear from some transcendental source. It wasn’t that thrilling – but still, the set was paused for a good five minutes in search of a replacement. Singer Aimee filled the gap with a good bit of self-promotion and general banter with the crowd, who were a very mixed bunch, ranging from 18 right through to mid 40’s, but the band were clever enough to know how to interact with every single person and created a fuelled intimacy in the room. After much anticipation the band borrowed a guitar and the set continued – with little breaks in between due to the fright of missing out on finishing their set.
The teens bombarded us with the likes of ‘All Your Fault’, which made the crowd completely disregard the minor incident, alongside the treat of two new songs, both of which carried a little something that made the crowd marvel. Unfortunately, both songs aren’t available online, but the band kindly informed me that their closing track is unofficially named ‘Dancey Song’ – how can you not want to love these guys?
The set came to an end that was somewhat similar to the beginning with the same muffled distortion filling the room, and the band joined their friends and family. I could almost taste their potential from across the room as visions of fans screaming for them fluttered across my mind.
You can check out Object Object on Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Twitter.
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