Top 40 Songs of 2012: Marmalade Sky – Work Till I Die

#Top40Songs2012 by Sam Skilton
Mod is back, and it’s back in style. In March last year The Uprising Tour visited Southampton. Founded by Dave Wyburn, a former mod back in the day who has worked alongside ex-Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher and his Pretty Green clothing label, the night’s entertainment featured some of the best up and coming rock and roll bands. Right at the centre of the tour were Bristol group Marmalade Sky, who combine an Oasis-esque live swagger with some belting rock and roll tunes. Released in May, the evocative lyrics, aggressive vocals and powerful guitar riffs help to assert ‘Work Till I Die’ as a working class anthem.
You can hear more from Marmalade Sky soon in an exclusive interview for National Brit Rock recorded in March 2012, or for now you can read our review of The Uprising Tour.
Released: 12 May 2012
Label: Self-Released
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