Track Review: Darktown Jubilee – Stay

by Sam Skilton
Fan of U2? The Killers? Snow Patrol? Then we’re pretty sure you will like the new single ‘Stay’ by up and coming Manchester band Darktown Jubilee.
Produced by Cenzo Townsend, who has engineered the likes of The Vaccines, Florence and the Machine, U2, Editors, The Maccabees, the track is an anthemic composition with passion bursting from its seams. It is the second single from the album ‘The World, The Flesh & The Devil’ which is due for release on 11th March.
“Stay is the most emotionally direct song on the record and has always connected with audiences so it became an obvious choice when we were considering singles,” said frontman David Boardman.
“It was a dream to get Cenzo to remix it for us. He has mixed some of the greatest records of the last ten years and brought out the best in the track, bringing an increased energy and dynamic range.”
Release Date: 25 February 2013
Record Label: Parade Recordings
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