Track Review: Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

by James Sloan
The band who gifted our ears with the upbeat guitar riff and head pounding drumming of ‘A-Punk’ are back and set to release their third album ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ on 6th May.
Both ‘Step’ and ‘Diane Young’ have been released, with the task of setting a precedent for the upcoming LP. The latter of these tracks has a very retro feel to it. So much so that it wouldn’t feel out of place in a contemporary remake of ‘Back to the Future. You can just imagine Marty McFly playing this song at his parent’s prom, whilst teenagers of the 1950’s twist and shout to the repeated calls of “baby, baby, baby”. For the time being Ezra Koenig will have to suffice though.
The lead singer further emphasises the classic feel of the song by stuttering and almost swallowing the same words later in the song. In contrast, the studio effect used to make him sound like he is singing whilst melting inside a microwave returns us to the 21st Century. As you’d probably expect from this New York Group, there is a very quick beat to this tune that entices listeners to tap your leg involuntarily, whether you are a fan of the band or not.
This quirky merging of sounds is definitely worth a punt and is different to their other release ‘Step’. It will be interesting to see if there are any other tracks on their third album that also strive for a middle ground somewhere between Chuck Berry and The Strokes.
Released: 09 April 2013
Label: XL Recordings
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